XMAS TimbScale Competition (closed)

XMAS TimbScale Competition (closed)

, by Timber Surf, 1 min reading time

XMAS Competition

I have started to make some small diorama's to showcase TimbScale products, fully painted and displayed in context.

The pictures shows some views of the first diorama.

Each diorama will be themed and named with a descriptive title.

Your task is to guess the title of this one!

As an example, I will have a slide, seesaw, swing and roundabout on one diorama, who's title will be "Playground".

Send me your guesses by DM (to Tim Surf on Facebook) and comment on the xmas comp post in the Timbscale 3D prints Facebook Group with the word 'Entered'

The winner will be a sole correct answer, (or nearest if not absolutely correct) and if there are multiple correct answers, I will throw the names into a hat.

Up for grabs is a £25 voucher for Scale3d.co.uk.

The competition will close at midnight 23rd Dec 2022 and the winner will be announced the following day (24th)

You must be a Timbscale 3D prints Facebook Group member to enter. One entry per person.

So don't forget to tell your friends about the comp.


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