Timbscale November releases

Timbscale November releases

, by Timber Surf, 1 min reading time

A huge list of new releases in November, include a set of Burglar Alarms, Caravan park Power posts (including a lit one), Cast Iron Gear wheels, overlapping roof tile sheets, a grain auger system, Industrial Cyclone Separators, GER Bench Seats, Two Crane lifting Spreader beams, A church Lychgate, a Modern stainless steel bench, a NSE modern Bench seat, a part built breeze block building kit, a picnic table, platform subway entrance steps, various porch and porch roofs, three types of swimming pool, old style road works barriers, industrial roof louvre air vents, SRD rum Jars, Industrial V-Belt conveyor system and some water stand pipes

Plus a great round drain pipe system and cast iron square drain pipes too!

That is 24 brand new products that have been released and are available to purchase in the shop now!

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