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May 23 releases

TimbScale May Releases

, by Timber Surf, 2 min reading time

A huge list of new releases in May, include sets of Fruit 'n' Veg wooden boxes (Short-Med-Tall), with a range of inserts (easy to paint) including:-

Fruit Extra small,
Fruit Small (Tomato),
Fruit Medium (Apple),
Fruit Large,
Fruit Extra Large,
Honeydew melon,
Round Melon,
Available as a set of six to make scenes like :- harvested from the field, or as a farm or road wagon load, or being loaded on the platform or into a rail wagon, or street/market/roadside stall, or port side.
Also available as a green grocers shop front set.

We also have the following kits as shop front displays:-
Butchers meat trays,
Hot dogs,
Stacks of Books,
Jam jars,
Pick n mix Sweet boxes,
Pots n Pans Set,
Carpet Rolls,
Wallpaper n paint,
Vacuum Cleaner Set

And to complement the food we have, Avery Shop Scales and 
Cast Iron balance Scales

All of which will be ideally suited to display on our street market stalls!


A set of Tree armatures
Wall mounted gas/Elec Meter box
Industrial Electric Motor set
Corner Magnetic Bracket to aid construction
and a selection of metal Petrol Can

That is 37 brand new products that have been released and are available to purchase in the shop now!

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