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October Releases

October Releases

, by Katarina Wheat, 2 min reading time

New in Store for October 2022

New Figures and Scenery to be released in October

Reconquer Designs

  • Traction Trebuchet and crew
  • Blacksmith Scene with a master blacksmith, apprentice, and their work area. Plus a mobile forge wagon
  • 3 different versions of the knight in charge of the trebuchets. No helmet, and two 12th century helmets very unique to Spain
  • Military Order (Specifically a Templar) Standard Bearer
Figures and scenics from the Viking Period
German Afrika Korps 28mm figures


Chapter 27

will contain:
  • Barazan, captain of Gonthan (2 on foot poses, 2 mounted poses)
  • Farazan, ranger captain (new pose)
  • Orc warleader (on foot and 2 variants on alpha warg)
  • Armored alpha warg
  • Horse
  • 4x heavy armored Men at Arms
  • 3x assault orcs
  • 2x veteran soldiers
  • 2x rangers
  • Orc siege rafts
  • Ruined versions of buildings
  • Bases


Scale 3D Figures

 We hope to add between 10 to 20 figures for our OO Scale range each month


Sue's Painted Figures will also be available from the main store rather than using different store, we are in the process of having all of our products in one place.






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