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Timbscale July Releases

Timbscale July Releases

, by Timber Surf, 1 min reading time

Our latest releases in July, include a range of stairs in wood, metal and concrete, with a huge range of sizes (number of steps) and variants, of platforms in various directions and without platform. Add on stairs, in the wooden range, are also available

There are very few scratch building aids in the form of stairs available and limited range in laser kit form. Now you have no need to construct steps from scratch or be limited to one size in kit form, we have it covered, in super detail and every size you desire, all including hand rails, ready made!

Do you have older wagons with broken or missing parts?

We now have a few items to repair Mainline tankers and vent vans and some for Hornby too.

That is 112 brand new products that have been released and are available to purchase in the shop now!

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